About Me

IMG_4228As a Professional Life Coach, I am passionate about seeing people maximize their potential and fully express who they are made to be in order to live with purpose. I have a thirst for life, and a love of the outdoors. I use my gifts and abilities to be of service to others – to listen intently, ask powerful questions, seek wisdom and bring about transformation from the inside out.

My coaching education came from Adler Learning International and my undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Arts in Business, Fine Arts and Philosophy from the University of Portland. Currently I reside in Phoenix, AZ with my husband, Luke, our two boys and Black Lab Bella!

Through some powerful conversations and experiences, a handful of significant people have shaped me into the person I am today. In response to their influence, I am spurred on to impact others in a transformational way. Life Coaching is the vehicle I use to effectively make an impact. I truly feel as though a Life Coach is who I am made to be, and I am excited to bring forth my best self in order to reveal yours!

Check out this quick video Dave Contreras of Basix Films created to help explain more about what Life Coaching is and how it can impact you in a powerful way!

Is Life Coaching right for me?

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