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The following blog post is taken from the ICF website. I found it to be useful and thought I would share it with you as well!

May I suggest that this doesn’t merely apply to record keeping, but any sort of filing or organization that needs to be done (Coupons, Homework Assignments, Taxes, Receipts). Take a look!

Ready, set, organize!

Posted on Friday, April 13, 2012 by International Coach Federation

April is Records and Information Management Month. Do your part by taking a look at your records—are they organized? Kept efficiently? Disposed of properly? Take some time this month to get a better grip on your records.[space height=”10″]

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Organized records and efficient information management is key to increasing your overall productivity. It is also beneficial for better performance, encouraging free thinking and better brainstorming, and thus, better results.

Tips for better organization of your records:

  • Include filing and record management as part of your weekly (or even daily) schedule. This will help you to avoid being lost in a mountain of files and will allow you to be better organized and know exactly where items are exactly when you need them.
  • Peruse existing files and organize them. Take time to label or color code documents by type—are there files you use more than others? Files you only use for reference? Files you don’t use at all anymore? Organize them in a way that makes sense to you and dispose of those files you no longer need in an appropriate manner.
  • Don’t forget about digital files! They are just as important to keep organized.[space height=”10″]
What are your tips for better record and information management organization?

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