I was reading a book recently that talked about the act of purposefully ending certain aspects in one’s life (relationships, jobs, hobbies), in order to thrive and grow into something more. Do you believe that endings are necessary?

Think of your life like a rose bush. In order for roses to bloom and for the bush to be healthy, parts of the bush need to be intentionally cut off – pruned. Branches that appear to be healthy that are stealing energy away from other parts of the bush need to be severed in order for specific focus on certain blooms to take place, and for the bush to flourish. These actions are done with purpose and in appropriate ways in order to direct energy towards specific areas of growth.

When we have aspects of our life that we hold on to because they are comfortable or we know them well or that’s just the way it has always been, but they are not thriving, they take away energy from the spaces in us that will thrive with more attention and focus given to them.

Pruning is healthy. Reflection is healthy. Is there an aspect of your life that needs to be pruned in order for you to be able to thrive?

2 thoughts on “Pruning.

  1. Vanessa

    Having Henry really helped me prune a lot of busy in my life. With that pruning mostly done, I’m now facing the fact that what’s left to prune are some relationships that take more energy than they provide. This is proving to be quite the challenge. Adding distance between myself and another feels a lot heavier than kicking things off my calendar.

    1. IgniteLifeCoach Post author

      Thanks for your honesty, Vanessa! Relationships are difficult to prune, it takes courage and risk to make those decisions, but in the end it is lifegiving!

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