The Missing Component

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I love what I do, being a Revelation Wellness Fitness Instructor but something was missing. Where was my confidence, get up and go and the desperate need to press in to all of the training and teachings that I have been so blessed to experience?

A few weeks ago, I returned from my third instructor training retreat. This one was like no other. It was packed with what I expected, trainings in wellness, fitness, bible studies and prayers. But this time was different. The missing component was revealed to me, Life Coaching.  Revelation Wellness was so blessed to have the expertise of Coach Jess with us on retreat.  She is the founder and owner of Ignite Life Coaching.


Just to make this short and sweet, Coach Jess says this on her website, “Life Coaching can take you above and beyond your personal limitations and open up new perspectives. More often than not, people try to achieve their greatest potential, but don’t even realize what stands in their way.”

BOOM! My missing component. She made me realize what was standing in my way, what I was holding on to and needed to let go of. A new sun shined on me today, a new out look and confidence cleared the fog in my mind. I didn’t know that I needed that, but thanks to Alisa Keeton and Revelation Wellness Teacher Training Program, I got it!

Don’t miss another moment wondering if you should be a Revelation Wellness Fitness Instructor. You will received training that is state of the art, like no other. You will connect to Christ in ways you couldn’t have imagine and with Coach Jess guidance, you will find that Missing Component”.


Sheila Hall

Revelation Wellness Fitness Instructor

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