Wise Words

An old friend, who has less days ahead of her than behind, penned these words. They are worth repeating:

“Don’t burn yourself out.  be as i am…a jack of all traits and a master of none.  a lover of nature, yet a fan of techno.  eat what you want in moderation and don’t hold the ranch dressing.  dip all those french fries.  take chances.  then take more.  break hearts and have yours broken too.  don’t be afraid of the “what if” because those may never find you.  if it does, do the best you can.  don’t get stuck inside.  get outdoors as much as you can.  breath as deep as your lungs will take you.  sit and watch as life moves all around you.  learn it isn’t all about you.  take time to investigate…everything.  watch an insect of your choice.  you’ll be amazed at their work ethic.  smell all the flowers.  inhale even if it stinks.  get mad then let it go.  holding on just builds resentment.  so not worth it.  make a tough decision and keep moving forward.  the longer you delay, the longer the process drags on and on.  don’t forget to share your feelings.  share appreciations, gratitude and love.  don’t hold onto them like precious jewels.  open your arms and give someone a huge hug.  enjoy yourself and i promise you this…you will be glad in the long run.  now go get busy!”

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