Your Probability of Completing a Goal

thumbsupEver wonder why some people succeed when they set a goal for themselves, and others fall short? Do you sometimes think to yourself, “I really need to ______” but then it just stays a thought with no action? Below are some statistics on the probability of completing a goal that might help you create a system for yourself that give you the next steps to set a goal and have the support you need to accomplish it!


(This information from the American Society for Training and Development)

• 10% if you LEARN an idea CONSCIOUSLY ADOPT it

• 40% if you decide WHEN

• 50% if you plan HOW to do

• 65% if you COMMIT TO SOMEONE ELSE to do it

• 95% if you have a SPECIFIC ACCOUNTABILITY APPOINTMENT with a person to whom you are committed


That 95% probability of completing a goal is exactly why Life Coaches exist! We are here to help ensure you complete the goal you set out to accomplish. If you are interested in hearing more about the process, please contact me via email (, phone or text (602.492.8662)!

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