How to be Proactive vs. Reactive


Have you ever had the feeling like you’re oftentimes responding to what others would like you to do rather than what you would prefer? Like you’re constantly waiting for the right thing to drop in front of you but you’re not exactly sure what that is? Do you ever find yourself saying yes to something just because you were asked to do it, rather than because it was something you wanted for yourself? What I have just described is the difference between living a life out of reaction as opposed to taking a posture of being proactive.


When we are constantly moving through life in a manner of responding, it means that we are waiting for life to come to us versus approaching life with purpose and intention. A reactive state of being can cause us to be in a place of procrastination or negativity, because there is no initiation or action. In contrast, when we take proactive steps forward, moving towards a goal based on our values and passions, the result is energizing! Being proactive in our approach to life means that we are making the choice to grab hold of what life has to offer, it means taking a risk being vulnerable and authentic. Being proactive takes more energy at the start, but I promise you, it will make a difference in how you feel!


So how about it? Are you ready to choose to be proactive and intentional versus reactive with your actions?


I would love to hear your thoughts! Please leave a comment below on how this choice has affected you or what you want to do differently!

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