Take Time to Breathe.



If it hasn’t already, it is about to get cuh-ray-zee just about everywhere you turn. Malls are getting packed, eateries are starting to fill with more and more relatives visiting from out of town and stress levels are on the rise as parties need to be planned, presents need to be bought and cookies need to be exchanged.

BUT, in all of this, something is quite important to remember. You are no good to anyone if you are not taking care of yourself in the midst of it all. Yes, the parties will happen, yes the kids are super excited to see those flashy gifts under the tree and yes, you want to be present and enjoy every moment of it!

So, I ask you…what are you doing each day to help you take a breath for yourself? In the midst of the crazy, what is one thing you will stick to doing for your health and wellness? It might be as little as taking five minutes to be still. Literally doing nothing but breathing. Maybe it’s sneaking away for a run or a quick at home workout for your sanity. Whatever it is, please, I ask that you honor and value yourself as you think of others during this season. The One who created you took a whole day out of the week to rest, that’s a big deal! We all need a breather. What does that look like for you?

A couple tips for making your life a little easier during this time:

Online Shopping: Shopping from the comfort of your home, in your slippers with your feet up is way better than standing in line with impatient and grumpy shoppers. See if there are items that you can purchase online to avoid some of the stress that comes with leaving the house during this time of year.

Plan Ahead: Look at your week and see if you can check some things off of your list earlier in the week, so that you can coast into the weekend when there are more events and places to be.

Make a list: Before you even leave the house, get clear on the items that need to be purchased, and stick to the list! This will save you financially from making impulse buys, and allow you to be efficient with your time.

Invite a Friend: If you are a quality time person like myself, make your errands more enjoyable by inviting a friend to come along with you!


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