Coach-a-Thon For a Good Cause


I am so excited to be participating in a Coach-a-Thon organized by the nonprofit Lead for Good as part of their upcoming involvement with Arizona Gives Day. Participating coaches are

donating professional coaching services in exchange for a donation to Lead for Good.

Here’s the scoop…

About Lead for Good:

Lead for Good is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is making a difference in the Arizona

social sector by developing more effective nonprofit leaders through learning opportunities,

peer-networking, mentoring and coaching. Through Lead for Good’s work, these leaders are

better equipped to drive positive mission results for organizations across the full spectrum of

nonprofit services, including children’s well-being, disease prevention, domestic violence, the

environment, homelessness, food insecurity, the arts, adoption and more. Because LFG

expands the capacity of leaders working in a multitude of nonprofit organizations,

donations to Lead for Good have a powerful impact that ripples across many important

social sector causes!

About Arizona Gives Day:

AZ Gives Day is a statewide event held each April, when individuals step forward to share awareness and support for Arizona’s participating nonprofit organizations. Donations to Lead for Good on the AZ Gives Day site are tax deductible. Donating to Lead for Good for Arizona Gives Day helps create immediate and enduring change throughout the state, and beyond. AZ Gives Day is Tuesday, April 7 2015. However, you do not need to be free on April 7 to participate in the Coach-a-Thon – Coaching can be done on any day, in any place.

(Contact me for more info if you are interested in participating.)

Lead for Good’s AZ Gives Day profile/donation page is here:

About the Coach-a-Thon:

Lead for Good is organizing a Coach-a-Thon as a major part of their AZ Gives Day


Lead for Good’s mission is to maximize leadership capacity in the nonprofit sector, and

professional coaching is a signature element of their approach to leadership

development. Many of the organization’s leaders are coaches who have seen first-hand

the dramatic impact of coaching on leaders in the social sector.

If you’ve been curious about coaching, this would be a great time to give it a try!

Participating professional coaches will be offering a sample coaching conversation in

exchange for a donation to Lead for Good’s AZ Gives Day account.

 Want to give coaching a try? – Just comment below or send me an email to let me know!

 Know someone else who might be interested in trying coaching? – Please

forward this note!

 For more information see the FAQ at the bottom of this message.

I believe in the impact Lead for Good has in developing nonprofit leaders who are well-

equipped to deliver positive mission results for the organizations they serve. You can

help by clicking on this link to make a tax deductible donation to Lead for Good and receive a coaching session with me.

And if you’re interested, contact me to experience coaching!

(No need to wait until April 7! Donations made now will post on 4/7/15. If you’re

interested in participating in the Coach-a-Thon, you can start that process now

– just send me your donation transaction number and we will set up coaching.)

Please support Lead for Good in its mission to maximize leadership capacity in

the social sector. Your donation helps defray the cost of providing top notch

development opportunities to hardworking, committed nonprofit leaders who

strive to make the world a better place for all of us.



How can I participate in the Coach-a-Thon as a coaching client?

 If you’ve been curious about coaching this is a great opportunity to check it


 First, make your donation to Lead for Good using the “Donate” button on Lead for Good’s

AZ Gives Day page:

 After donating, send an email to with your donation confirmation number and my name, and cc me on your message (

 Next, I will reach out to you to make arrangements for your coaching conversation.

Does the coaching conversation have to take place on April 7 (AZ

Gives Day)?

 No, coaching does not have to take place on AZ Gives Day (4/7/15) – it can be at any

time that works for both coach and client, and is set up by mutual arrangement between

the two of you. (You also don’t have to live in AZ to take advantage of this great opportunity!)

Do I have to wait until April 7 to sign up for the Coach-a-Thon?

 No, the sooner you make your donation and contact us to participate, the better!

(Donations can be made any time, and payment posting will be on 4/7/15)

Do you have a question that we haven’t answered here?

Please feel free to contact myself or Lead for Good at with your questions.


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