“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a gift and not giving it.”
~ William Arthur Ward
     I was visiting a church last weekend that my family attends in Nashville, I am based out of Phoenix, and they showed a really great promo video with the hastag attached to is #simplygivethanks (you can view the video here)
     The whole premise of the video is the fact that two simple words “thank you” can make a startling impact on not only the receiver, but the giver as well. In the video, you will see how different people use various forms of technology and social media to single out someone who they want to thank, and then post it to either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Those who have participated already have testified to the fact that it is sometimes harder than one might think to be able to come up with the words and then, in fact, execute the act of recording their message to post for public view.
     However, like the quote above says, feeling a sense of gratitude without an outward display of such an emotion, is witholding a beautiful exchange between you and another. So this Thanksgiving week, why not try it! Watch the video from gener.us if you need some inspiration, and then take the plunge! You won’t be sorry, and who knows, it might be surprising what comes up for you, you may even want to make a few!

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