Success vs. Significance

How do you define success?

And how would you define significance?

Is there a difference?

Webster’s defines significance as having the quality of being important. For me, this means that whatever it is that has significance is inherently important. Just by existing, it has value. Because it is, it has value. Did that something have to DO anything to BE significant?

When I think about success, it seems to me that it is contingent upon a performance in some way. An operation or action has taken place. An individual’s success cannot in and of itself be obtained. However, one’s significance stands alone as having value without any further action. This is an important distinction that I feel must be brought to our attention.

We, as humans, are significant. We are not always successful, but we are ALWAYS significant. We are significant because we have inherent value, not based on any performance or measure, but because we ARE.

Recognizing this significance in ourselves can make an incredible difference in our lives with how we choose to live. And it is a choice. Choosing to see yourself as significant, having value, means that you can offer yourself to others in service because you have something to offer. Do you know what you have to offer to others? Before you answer…do you recognize that you are significant? You are! Discovering the “what” that you have to offer to others can be a tricky one; but if you are willing, can be incredibly fulfilling and transforming both to you and to others.

You may just find you have a lot more to offer than you thought. And that, my friend, is life-changing!

If you would like help discovering what you have to offer to others, I would love to help! Please reach out and I will be happy to talk with you further!

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