Why I Coach. – Part 2


As I said in Part 1 of this series, there are particular events that have made impressions in my life that have weaved together to point me in the direction of choosing Life Coaching as a vocation. Another one of those threads has to do with my love of the outdoors and what it does for my heart. Well, at least I thought it was that. I have always loved being outside. If I’m honest, I would much rather be hiking or running on a trail, than sitting inside reading a book (although there is certainly a time and place for a latte in hand and a good read). I remember as a young girl growing up in the desert city of Phoenix, fixing myself a little snack and going to perch on the bench of our front porch to marvel at the billowing clouds rolling in during monsoon season. I was completely content to just be there and watch the show; to witness the grandness of nature and notice the smallness of me.

After I graduated from college, I relocated from the Northwest to the Rocky Mountains. I found myself living in Denver working with an outdoor education organization that engages people of all ages and inspires them towards self-discovery and building strength of character in a wilderness setting. I realized I loved nothing more than being self-sufficient in the wilderness, sharing an experience with a group of people that were challenged beyond what they thought was their limit and witnessing the pure joy that came from the realization that each person has more in them than they think!

Every time I circled up my ten students at the end of a team building exercise or a tough traverse over raging waters, my heart pounded with excitement to hear each student’s learnings and reflections. Whether it was overcoming a fear of heights, water, rocks, trusting another person to catch them or sharing in front of the group, each person had to overcome something….and they did!

After three and a half years, my time in outdoor education came to a close, but I walked away with an impression that would stay with me. I realized that I would always have a love for the outdoors, I didn’t need a job to get me outside; but what was brought to my attention was how much I enjoyed facilitating someone achieving that “ah-ha” moment! You know the one – it’s when the light finally turns on in your brain, your eyes get wide, and you can’t help but say it out loud, “ah-ha!” There is something about this process that fills me up so much that I have to be a part of it!

What about you? What fills you up? What is that thing that energizes you to the point that you have to do it again?



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