It’s All a Part of the Routine

Sometimes I walk away from a coaching session feeling like I did my job really well. Other times I walk away from a session thinking that I just got coached. Recently I had the experience of the latter.

My client was talking about how her day gets completely thrown off when even the tiniest of her routine is changed. She was saying that when someone who has the best of intentions does something seemingly nice for her, but it is not done in the exact way that she wanted it, she finds herself becoming frustrated and angry at the situation, when she knows that person was only trying to help….which frustrates her even more!

As we continued to wade through her situation and tease out the intricacies of her emotions and reactions to her choices and actions, the conclusion we came to was this: It is ALL part of the routine. Life itself is one big routine, with patterns and changes that throw us for loops, make us uncomfortable and grow us into deeper human beings.

We can view an unforseen change in plans as a failure or we can choose to view it as an invitation to become used to the routine of the unroutine. Life is full of twists and turns that we cannot see coming; by saying to ourselves that it is all part of the routine of life, brings a helpful mindset to welcoming the changes, rather than becoming frustrated and angry at the situation.

Won’t you try this with me? Will you choose to welcome the changes and view it as the routine of life rather than a failed plan?

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