One Thing.

Have you ever experienced this: You’re thinking about all the different ways you wish you could make changes in your life; how things could be different, and you just keep thinking about them-rolling around all the possibilities in your head. No action is taken. Just thoughts. How does that feel? Perhaps heavy, or weighed down? Maybe defeating or overwhelming?

What would you say if I challenged you to move those thoughts into actions and reality? I will argue that making a plan of action, taking a step in the direction of the change you want, will have a powerful impact on how you feel!

My request to you is this: Take out a piece of paper, your journal, maybe even your phone, and list those things in your life that have been thoughts- the places where you want to see changes in your life. What keeps popping into your head that you want to look different, and has even made you feel weighed down because you haven’t done anything about it? Then, choose one. One of those things you commit to taking one step towards the change. Just one.

How will you feel when you’ve made the change? Write down your answer. Are you willing to commit to taking a step in that direction? Write down one way you can do that, take that step, then tell someone. Be accountable for it!

I would love to hear how you’re making changes in your life, you can comment below or email me at  Turn those thoughts into actions! Let me know if you need help with your next step!

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