Self Care? What’s that?

When was the last time you thought about how you are doing? As in, you paused, you clearly asked the question, “How am I doing?” and then thought about it for more than a couple seconds? Have you today? In the last week? This month? Do you find it difficult to prioritize yourself over your loved ones or your work?

Listen. You are not going to be as effective, present, or the best version of yourself if you do not make yourself a priority on a regular basis. This is called self care.

When you find yourself getting run down and do not have the energy or bandwidth to serve others, it is usually a good indication that you have also not been serving yourself well. Think of the possibilities if you prioritized yourself because you care that much for others? You are actually doing others a favor by making sure you are healthy and whole. What does that mean for you?

Take a moment as you finish reading this, to truly ask yourself, “How am I doing?” and “Am I feeling healthy and whole?” Next, give yourself a few minutes to determine how to take care of yourself better, and then DO IT! Write it down, schedule it, make the call and take care of yourself, so that you can take care of others well.

If you have never thought about what it looks like for you to be healthy, or how it feels to be whole, please contact me. Coaching can help you get clear on this, and put you on a path to being a better you.

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